10 Reasons why guests should book through Guest10

Guest10.com provides guests with the opportunity to book accommodation properties directly and for a better rate!
Why? Because with Guest10 the accommodation property doesn't need to pay a commission unlike with all other booking portals. 

Therefore, hotels (also bed and breakfasts, guest houses, etc.) can provide unbeatable benefits for guests and save money at the same time. By cutting out the middleman (online travel sites, booking sites, etc.) hotel owners save between 15% to 35% on commission. Through these savings hotel owners are able to offer guests better rates and/or better special offers. Through Guest10.com you can find these special offers worldwide.



1.  Best price, mostly even cheaper by 10% or more!
2. Book directly without a middleman (no Expedia, no Booking, etc. needed), book directly with better rates, customized specials and often free room upgrades and other perks.
3. True and up-to-date property information. No surprises, because the reservation is directly with the property on the property's own website.
4. Reservations are safer due to providing of your email address, personal and financial data only to the property (not to a third-party website).
5. Time Savings, no more comparing and searching for the best rate when you see the Guest10 certification logo.
6. Lots of Perks not provided by commissionable booking sites (Booking, Expedia, etc.). Through Guest10.com you receive room upgrades, free nights, free parking, free bottle of wine, etc.
7. Better Room Availability, OTAs (Online Travel Agents like Expedia or Booking) often show fully booked or last room. Guest10.com links directly to the property's own website and guests have therefore more rooms and room categories available.
8. One-time Offers, you will not find anywhere else.
9. My Secret Rate. An optional feature where guests can offer their price to the property in low occupancy times. Find out how!
10. You help the staff to a better pay and the hotel to invest more money into guest service and property improvements, because the hotel receives 100% of your payment.

Additionally, we offer you:
A Free Newsletter. Join and receive the best offers in your Inbox.
A Gift Certificate that is valid for all accommodations, creating a memory that lasts forever in a place of the receiver's choice.
Refer a property and you will receive $50, if it joins.

"Book through Guest10 and spread the word to other guests and hoteliers. Thank you!"


Saving 10% - 35% on commission-payments!
✔ No middleman.
No commission to pay.
✔ No booking fees to pay.
✔ Create more direct bookers and don't share their contact information.
✔ More guests and reservations through your own website.
✔ No updates necessary.
✔ No controlling expenses.
✔ No reconciliation expenses.
✔ No allotments to provide.
✔ My Secret Rate Feature (optional). Higher occupancy & more revenue. Find out how!
✔ Introduction of your property to tens of thousands of new potential guests through our website and newsletter.
✔ Constant social media advertising.
✔ 24/7 advertising.
✔ Constant increase of Guest10.com website users.
✔ Additional advertising for your property all year round in many of our worldwide marketing channels.
✔ More bottom-line profit for owners and management companies while guests save money as well.
✔ Reach new guests.
✔ Create direct bookers.
✔ Link exchange program with hundreds of hotels. (new)
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"Through Guest10.com I offer my guests a better rate, because my property doesn't have to pay a booking commission. Thank you!"

"Register your property with Guest10 and spread the word to other hoteliers and guests. Thank you!"