What is My Secret Rate?

The ideal scenario for a hotel is to be fully booked. However, this is usually a rare scenario and hotels are willing to sell some of their rooms at a lower rate, but don’t want it published for everyone. 

This is where “My Secret Rate” comes into play. 

With this feature guests can send their own price to the hotel and the hotel can accept, decline or reply with a counter offer. 

If the hotel is not fully booked, it is a win-win situation! 


Hotels pay 12% to 35% commission to major booking websites like Booking.com, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. - but 0% with Guest10.com. So, if you use our My Secret Rate tool and offer a price that is . . . 
. . . 10% lower than offered on major booking sites, it is almost guaranteed that the hotel will accept your offer. In this case both, you and the hotel will save money (no commission is paid to a third party).
. . . 20% to 50% lower, the hotel might accept that price, if it has many empty rooms left. You saved a lot and the hotel increased revenue, gained a new guest and has the opportunity to increase revenue in other departments like restaurant, bar, spa, etc.

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